Functions, features of the administration and contraindications of the amino acid arginine

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Why is this amino acid needed in the human body. Competent reception scheme. Possible side effects and contraindications.

For people who lead an active lifestyle, take care of their health or professionally engage in sports, regular intake of amino acids is the key to success. These elements provide stable muscle growth, rapid recovery and strengthening of the immune system. In this case, one of the main amino acids is arginine. What are its features? How buy Tamoxifen citrate in Australia to take arginine correctly? What effect does an amino acid have?


Main functions

The arginine amino acid performs a number of key functions in the body:

  • is a source of nitrogen donor. With a lack of this substance, it is possible to increase pressure, stop the growth of muscle cells, trigger catabolic processes. It is no secret that undigested arginine is involved in the creation of new muscles, their recovery;
  • strengthens the immune system. Arginine is involved in metabolic processes. In the event of an amino acid shortage, it becomes more difficult to resist viral diseases;
  • plays the role of an antioxidant. Arginine is an amino acid that is involved in the elimination of harmful nitrogen breakdown products;
  • takes part in the production of testosterone and such a useful growth hormone;
  • enhances pumping. By adjusting the nitrogen balance up, the amino acid can increase the result of pumping. Thanks to the timely intake of the supplement, the transport function of the blood improves. This means that beneficial substances will quickly reach the destination – muscle cells;
  • speeds up the process of creatine absorption. Arginine, despite its independence, performs a transport function and ensures the rapid delivery of creatine to the muscles. As a result, overall performance increases and strength increases;
  • an erection improves. Studies have shown that regular intake of amino acids can enhance male strength. This is simply explained by an improvement in blood supply;
  • contributes to the burning of excess fats. It is proved that the combined consumption of arginine and creatine helps to reduce the total amount of subcutaneous fat.


In addition to those listed above, the following arginine effects can be distinguished:

  • assistance in the restoration of muscle tissue after active training loads;
  • the release of the hormone of joy;
  • increased overall stamina;
  • normalization of the liver;
  • increase in muscle mass;
  • reduction in total free radicals.

Features of the reception

Arginine is an amino acid that can take a variety of forms. The most popular option is capsules, liquid, powder form, tablets and so on. In addition, each of the types of additives is taken according to general rules.

If the main task is treatment, then the intake should be carried out with food. The number of receptions – three times a day. The optimal dosage is 5-7 mg or 2-3 tablets. In the case of arginine, there are certain limitations. In particular, it is not allowed to take more than three grams per day.

In the case of children, the dosage should be lower. So, the optimal portion of amino acids for children from 3 years old (per day) is not more than 4-10 ml. As for older children (from 12 years old), a smaller volume is needed here – 13-15 ml.

With active sports, the amount of supplement should be 4-9 mg. The maximum allowable serving is ten milligrams. For beginners, it is better to start with a small dosage, gradually increasing the daily portion. The best time to take arginine is half an hour before the start of the training process, directly during classes and after they are completed.



The arginine amino acid acts on the body in such a way that tissues begin to consume oxygen faster. As a result, the level of glucose, anabolic hormones, proteins and other beneficial elements increases. Greater blood flow speeds up the process of achieving pumping and muscle growth.

One option is to take arginine before going to bed. In this case, the process of producing growth hormone production increases, recovery processes accelerate, and muscles increase. As for the most effective form of arginine, it can be attributed to the powder, which is most likely to reach the end point. At the same time, the liquid option is no less effective.

We must not forget about some features of the intake of amino acids. So, it is advisable to use the supplement before meals or 50-60 minutes after the meal. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the amino acid decreases, and it is absorbed much more slowly. Do not forget about the features of combining arginine with fatty foods. In this case, the intake of amino acids should be carried out no earlier than five hours later.

Side effects

In fairness, it is worth noting a number of side effects that are possible in case of improper or excessive intake of the supplement. The most common manifestations include diarrhea, gastrointestinal tract malfunction, nausea, and so on. If the above or other symptoms appear, the dosage of the supplement must be reduced until discomfort disappears completely. In addition, excessive consumption of arginine can lead to problems with the pancreas, causing malfunctions and pancreatitis. The course of amino acids should be interrupted in order to exclude addiction.


We must not forget that the intake of amino acids is not carried out in all cases. In particular, it is not recommended to take the supplement in case of herpes, pregnancy, while breastfeeding, individual intolerance, schizophrenia, and so on. In addition, arginine is not recommended for babies under the age of three years.


Arginine Products

Arginine is found in common foods, such as milk, meat, chicken eggs, sesame seeds. There is an amino acid in pine nuts, fish meat, chocolate, legumes and so on. As for the volume of the amino acid, most of it is found in pumpkin seeds, peanuts and sesame seeds.




Arinine is an amino acid on which health, the strength of the immune system and the effectiveness of training depend. Especially important is the supplement to representatives of power sports – bodybuilders and powerlifters, whose body needs support.

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