Quillaia Extract Market: Quantitative Market Analysis, Current And Future Trends 2018 – 2028

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Market Outlook

There has been an increase in demand for processed food in recent years. Changing lifestyle, increase in the number of working population, busy and sedentary lifestyle has led to change in dietary habits of people. There is an increased demand for bakery and confectionery products as well. The increasing demand for various processed foods also increases the demand for emulsifying and foaming agents. Quillaia Extract is one of the emulsifying agents, which is getting popular these days among the food processors. Quillaia Extract is obtained by chromatographic separation or aqueous derivation of milled inner bark and small branches of soapbark tree. Quillaia Extract is rich in saponin, tannin, and polyphenols and is used as an additive during food processing. Quillaia Extract is extensively used in the enhancement of texture, flavor, and fragrance. Quillaia Extract also finds application in cosmetics and healthcare industry. Thus with number application and increasing popularity, the Quillaia Extract market is expected to grow during the forecast period.

Growing Demand for Quillaia Extract due to Multiple Applications in Food and Beverage Industry.

The increasing demand for processed food from all around the world is also boosting the demand for food additive and processing agents like Quillaia Extract. Increasing preference for Quillaia Extract over synthetic agents as an emulsifying and foaming agent in food processing is one of primary driver for Quillaia Extract market. With FDA approval for use of Quillaia Extract in food and beverage processing, the Quillaia Extract market is expected to rise in upcoming years. There is an increase in preference of consumer towards the food products with a natural additive like Quillaia Extract over synthetic additives due to its beneficial effects on health. Thus, the inclination of food and beverage products manufacturers towards the use of natural additives proves to be an important factor for the growth of Quillaia Extract market. Quillaia Extract is used as a humectant while production of baked good, frozen dairy products, as well as puddings. There is an extensive use of Quillaia Extract by beverage industry as a foaming agent, especially in soft drinks. Quillaia Extract is used in powdered as well as liquid form. Quillaia Extract, when used in powdered form, doesn’t impart any color or alter the taste of the product. Thus, many manufacturers of food and beverage products opt to prefer Quillaia Extract as a natural and efficient emulsifying as well as the foaming agent. Quillaia Extract has a high efficiency and similar viscosity as water and forms fine emulsions, thus is used to the manufacturing of barley drinks, root beer, carbonated beverages, low-alcoholic beverages, slush type syrups, and frozen carbonated beverages. The high content of tannins as well as saponin in Quillaia Extract makes it unfit for direct consumption and can lead to some severe health issue. This factor can have a negative impact on Quillaia Extract market.

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However, with FDA approval as well as versatile applications of Quillaia Extract in the food and beverage industry the global Quillaia Extract market is expected to grow positively over the forecast period.

Global Quillaia Extract: Market Segmentation

On the basis of type, the global Quillaia Extract market has been segmented as Type1 Type 2 Purified Quillaia Extract

On the basis of function, the global Quillaia Extract market has been segmented as Emulsifying agent Foaming Agent Others

On the basis of form, the global Quillaia Extract market has been segmented as Liquid Powdered

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On the basis of end use, the global Quillaia Extract market has been segmented as Food & Beverages Cosmetics Pharmaceuticals Agriculture

Global Quillaia Extract Market: Key Players

Some of the key players in global Quillaia Extract market include Adams Food Ingredients Ltd., Chile Botanics, Garuda International, Inc., Ingredion International, Baja Yucca Company, Stan Chem International Ltd., Naturex S.A.  More companies are taking interest in Quillaia Extract market as the market is expected to grow immensely in recent years.

Opportunities for Market Participants

The versatile applications of Quillaia Extract across many sectors provides manufacturer opportunistic platform to invest.  The development of better quality of Quillaia Extract formulation for ensuring the desired texture and taste of the product is the major opportunity for the manufacturers. The companies are thus investing in R&D department in order to improve the products as well as develop new products with versatile applications.

Global Quillaia Extract Market: Regional Outlook

The global Quillaia Extract market is regionally segmented as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and MEA. Europe followed by Asia Pacific region is expected to dominate to the global Quillaia Extract market over the forecast period. The increasing preference for natural additives from the consumers as well as well-established processed food industries drives the Quillaia Extract market in Europe. The rising health awareness among people as well as the growing demand for processed food from countries like China and India drive the Quillaia Extract market in the Asia Pacific.

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