Tip Location Devices Market: Industry Outlook, Growth Prospects and Key Opportunities

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This Market Insights report examines the ‘Tip Location Devices Market’ for the period 2016–2026. The primary objective of the report is to offer updates and in-depth analysis of market opportunities in the global tip location devices market.

Tip location devices are installed at bedside and are used for guiding PICC tip in the lower 1/3rd part of superior vena cava. Tip location devices are used since 2006 when the first product (Sherlock II) was commercialized by C.R. Bard, Inc. Tip location devices comprise tip location system and accessories, which help physicians and PICC nurses to comply with INS and AVA guidelines for PICC tip placement.

The tip location devices market is mainly driven by the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, such as cancer, which thereby is leading to rise in adoption of PICC procedures, as PICCs are used for administration of antibiotics, parenteral nutrition and for chemotherapy across the globe. The tip location devices market is expected to grow significantly in terms of revenue over the forecast period owing to increasing availability of technologically advanced treatment options across the globe, especially in developed countries. In this report, the tip location devices market is segmented on the basis of product, technology, end user and region.

The report offers global market forecast in terms of value and volume for the following 10 years. Product types covered in the report include: Tip Location System Accessories ECG Cables ECG Clip cable ECG Lead Set

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To understand and assess opportunities in this market, the report is categorically split under four sections: by product, technology, end user and region. The report analyses the global tip location devices market in terms of market value (US$ Mn).

On the basis of technology, the global tip location devices market is segmented into: ECG Tip Confirmation ECG with Magnetic Tracking ECG and Intravascular Doppler

On the basis of end user, the global tip location devices market is segmented into: Hospitals Ambulatory Surgical Centres Catheterisation Labs

The report starts with an overview of tip location devices. In the same section, FMI covers the tip location devices’ market performance in terms of revenue. This section includes FMI’s analysis of key trends and drivers from the economic, supply and demand perspectives, and restraints.

The section that follows analyses the market on the basis of region and presents the forecast in terms of value for the following 10 years. Regions covered in the report are as follows: North America Western Europe Eastern Europe Latin America Middle East & Africa Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) Japan

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To arrive at the market size, the report considers average price of tip location devices (tip location system and accessories) across geographies. The forecast presented here assesses total revenue of the global tip location devices market. When developing the forecast of the market, the starting point involves sizing the current market, which forms the basis for the forecast of how the market is anticipated to take shape in the near future. Given the characteristics, we triangulated the outcome on the basis of analysis based on supply and demand sides. However, quantifying the market across the aforementioned segments and regions is more a matter of quantifying expectations and identifying opportunities rather than rationalising them after the forecast has been completed.

The report also takes into consideration year-on-year growth to understand the predictability of the market and to identify the right opportunities across the tip location devices market.

As previously highlighted, the market for tip location devices is split into various categories on the basis of region, product type, technology and end user. All these segments have been analysed in terms of BPS to understand the individual segment’s relative contribution to the market growth. This detailed level of information is important for the identification of various key trends in the tip location devices market.

Another key feature of this report is the analysis of tip location devices market, by region, product type, technology and end user, and its revenue forecast in terms of absolute dollar. This is traditionally overlooked while forecasting the market. However, the absolute dollar opportunity is critical in assessing the level of opportunity that a provider can look to achieve, as well as to identify potential resources from a sales perspective in the global tip location devices market.

Furthermore, Market Insights has developed the market attractiveness index for all four segments: regional, product type, technology and end-user segments. This index helps in identifying the real opportunities in the market.

In the final section of the report, the tip location devices market landscape is included to provide report audiences with a dashboard view on the basis of categories of providers across the market, their presence in tip location devices market and key differentiators. Key market participants included in the report include C.R. Bard, Inc., Teleflex Incorporated, AngioDynamics Inc., Vygon S.A. and CORPAK MedSystems

These players have been profiled on the basis of various attributes such as company overview, recent developments, growth strategies, sustainability and financial overview.    

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