Emission Analyzers Market expected to Witness a Sustainable Growth over 2017 – 2027

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Emission Analyzers Market: Introduction

Emission analyzers also famous as gas analyzers, are the devices which measures the amount of air pollutants that a certain industry or engine emits into the ambient atmosphere. The major pollutants that the gasoline powered vehicle or industry generates are CO (Carbon Monoxide), hydrocarbon (HC) and nitrous oxide (NOX). Nitrous oxide is a major source of forming the acid rain. Also, hydrocarbon is a carcinogen substance that causes a lung cancer. Therefore, these gases not only harm the environment, they also pose hazard to human beings. Consequently, to abate the harmful effects of these gases, the government has set the limits for each of the pollutants. For instance (automotive industry), every year car owners have to test their cars in emission centers before they could renew their licenses. Thus, to measure the emissions under the transient and fluctuating operation conditions of a vehicle during the driving cycle operation, the emission analyzers are used in combustion. Similarly, these emission analyzers are also used for industrial purpose in order to reduce the harmful effect. These emission analyzers measure the carbon monoxide caused by an incorrect combustion.

With increasing consumption of energy in the region, the requirement of emission analyzers to control SOx, NOx and particulate matter emissions is of significance in Asia pacific, North America and European regions. Demand for energy has been significant over the past two decades and hence, to fulfill this demand, government bodies and private sectors are expanding the energy & power industry with stringent emission control regulations, especially in China, Japan and countries.

Emission Analyzers Market: Dynamics

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Climate change has forced government bodies to put stringent regulations on the emission of nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxides and particulate matters. Also, the rising pollution and related impurities that harms the human life are driving the demand for emission analyzers market. Moreover, the guidelines made by US government and by UNFCC (United Nations Framework Classification for Resources) such as EPA (Energy Protection Agency) & Paris Agreement for waste water treatment, and new emission standards by the government of China to restrict the emission of VOCs (volatile organic components) in the country are examples of some such regulations. These new regulations will also contribute to the growth of the emission analyzers market.

The high cost of the emission analyzers is a major factor restraining the growth of the market. The problem lies with the fact that expensive modifications must be made by industries to add combustion control components in existing systems and thus, emission analyzers could prove to be a financial burden for low revenue organizations and low income manufacturers. In some fistful regions the emission norms are not that rigid & firm, which would further dents the market in the coming few years. Moreover, awareness towards the ill effects of harmful gases may offset & minimize the intensity of the restraints in the long term scenario.

Emission Analyzers Market: Trend/ Regional Outlook

Continuously growing requirements regarding fuel consumption and emission control is the primary trend of development in emission analyzers and components market. Moreover, leading players are introducing IoT-based controllers, which also reduce the overall cost of the system, alongside providing robust control on emission.

Of all the volatile organic components, NOx has gained most attention in the past two decades as it is the major factor responsible for acid rain and a major amount of NOx is emitted from burners of boilers. Thus, to treat Nox, emission analyzers are being installed in industrial combustion systems. These systems are designed to record or monitor the gases and have been made mandatory in many countries. Various standards have targets to reduce the emission of volatile organic gases by a considerable amount and hence trending opportunity for the manufacturers in the coming future.

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Emission Analyzers Market: Segmentation

On the basis of components, the Emission Analyzers market can be segmented into: Keypad Reference Circuit Opacimeter Gas Sensors

On the basis of type of gases analyzed, the Emission Analyzers market can be segmented into: NO SO2 NO2 CxHY O2 NO Low Others

On the basis of type of end-use Sector, the Emission Analyzers market can be segmented into: Automotive Energy Chemical Other Industrial

Emission Analyzers Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants/vendors identified in the Emission Analyzers market across the globe are: E Instruments International, LLC Emissions & Calibration Instruments Gemco Sales & Service Procol Hickleys Ltd. Crypton Testo GasTech Australia Robert Bosch GmbH Nova Artificial Systems

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