Burn Treatment Market Revenue to Witness Steady Growth Through 2017-2025

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Burn is an injury to skin or any tissue of body due to excessive heat, radiation, radioactivity, electricity, or contact with chemical materials. Burns are a serious problem across the globe and the World Health Organization estimates that it results in more than 265,000 deaths occur annually. Moreover, the number of non-fatal burn incidences is very high and require serious medical attention. In 2004, approximately 11 million people in the world were burned to a extent that they required medical treatment. The development in the treatment options for burns have decreased the mortality rate in the last couple of decades.  For instance, in 1952, a person with 50 percent of total body surface area burn led to death of approximately 50 percent of patients under 17 years of age, whilst currently almost all children of this age survive burn of this size while only half of the people with 98 percent of total body surface area of burn leads to death. However, the burn patients have to endure excruciating pain, high risk of nfections, and agonizing treatment of wounds thereof which remain stumbling block in treating burn patients. The global market for burn treatment is a growing market due to growing incidences of burn wounds and newer treatment options.

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For small burns, the wound closure with autologous skin can be performed but for burns greater than 50 percent total body surface area, wound closure must be achieved by using combination of autograft and allograft or synthetic wound coverings.  In case of large burns, cadaver skin have been proved to be life saving. Synthetic covers which can be used as alternatives of cadaver skin include, Biobrane (Smith & Nephew plc), Dermagraft-TC (MediLexicon International Ltd.). The global burn treatment market is driven from traditional products in categories such as anti-infective drugs and pressure-relief devices. However, the advanced therapies which reduce healing time and achieve significant cost savings will drive the future burn treatment market. Since the burn trauma continues to have a large socioeconomic impact on the healthcare, the market for burn treatment will expand as more people get access to advanced trauma care.

The advancement in the understanding of burn pathology has led to improved and better wound healing products in the market. The recent products in the market which have made significant improvements in treatment levels of burn patients include endoscopic subfascial ligation of venous perforators, endovascular arterial repair techniques, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, recombinant growth factors, and xenogeneic tissue scaffold. Biologic dressings are among these advances which have promising market in the near future and this segment of market is led by Johnson & Johnson with its brands such as Promogram and NUGEL. Another advancement in the burns treatment market include launch of ReCell (spray-on-skin product) by Avita Medical which uses patients own skin to regenerate and accelerate wound healing. These advancements in the market are increasing the survival of burn patients and therefore will continue to propel the global burn treatment market.

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Some of the companies in the global burn treatment market include Shire plc, Organogenesis, Inc., Avita Medical Ltd., Smith & Nephew plc, AcryMed Inc., MediLexicon International Ltd, Coloplast Group, Systagenix Wound Management (USA), Inc., Mölnlycke Health Care, ConvaTec, Inc., MiMedx Group, and Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.

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