Chiral Column Chromatography System Market Sales Forecasts of Reveal Positive Outlook Through 2017-2025

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Chiral compounds are optically active and enable to rotate the polarized light to the right or to the left depending on the configuration of sample molecule. These compounds have identical physical properties. Chiral column chromatography system is primarily used for the separation and purification of optically active chiral compound. Chiral column chromatography is a laboratory technique that comprises single enantiomer of chiral compound as stationary phase and chiral selector as a mobile phase. The stationary phase of chiral column chromatography is prepared by attaching chiral compound to the suitable achiral support such as silica gel and others which makes chiral stationary phase (CSP). This chromatography system is used for the synthesis of enantiopure compounds (mirror image of the compound) in the pharmaceutical industries. Detectors such as polarimeter, optical rotary dispersion and circular dichroism are used in chiral column chromatography system.

Chiral column chromatography system is increasingly preferred by end users such as research laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries due to its high efficacy and faster separation. Advancement in technologies coupled with increasing number of conferences by key companies on chiral column chromatography boosts the market growth.  In addition, factors such as growing concept of green chemistry, rising need for higher column resolving power and faster analysis further stimulates the demand of chiral column chromatography in near future. However, increasing use of substitute chromatography system i.e. super critical fluid chromatography restrains the market growth of chiral column chromatography to some extent.  In addition, high cost of chiral column chromatography system further hinders the market growth.

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Geographically, North America is considered as the largest market of chiral column chromatography owing to increasing investment by key companies such as Sigma-Aldrich Corporation LLC and others to develop chromatography field in North America. In addition, growing demand of green technologies coupled with technological advancements has created new end-users in petrochemical and life sciences for chiral column chromatography which would further act as the driving factor for the growth of chiral column chromatography market. Europe is considered as the second largest market of chiral column chromatography. The growth is mainly attributed to consistent efforts of various domiciled organizations such as The European Society for Separation Science (EuSSS) and others for the development of chiral column chromatography field in Europe. Moreover, strong competition among the key companies and rising research and development expenses by domiciled companies also boosts the growth of chiral column chromatography market in Europe. Asia Pacific is the emerging markets for chiral column chromatography because of rising interest of key companies to expand their presence in Asia Pacific. For example, in June 2013, PerkinElmer announced the opening of its direct operations in Turkey, with its headquarters in Istanbul. The company offers its products and services in areas such as food and drug testing, life science research and clinical diagnostics in this region. Thus, these types of efforts will establish healthy platform to develop chiral column chromatography market in Asia Pacific hence drives the market growth. In addition, growing awareness for the importance of chiral column chromatography systems among the population also drives the market growth in Asia Pacific.

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Some of the key companies dominating the market of Chiral Column Chromatography comprise Sigma-Aldrich Corporation LLC, Waters Corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Agilent Technologies, Affymetrix, Inc., Shimadzu Corporation, GE Healthcare, Phenomenex, Inc., PerkinElmer and others.

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