Polishing and Finishing Machines Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth by 2017 – 2025

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New study titled “Polishing and Finishing Machines Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2012 to 2017 and Forecast 2017 – 2025” presents a comprehensive regional assessment and detailed segmental analysis

Polishing and Finishing Machines Market: Introduction

Surface polishing and surface finishing are two different operations performed on the surface of any material. Polishing, buffing and burnishing are all a type of mechanical metal finishing. Mechanical finishes are applied through the physical abrasion of a metal surface using a secondary media. The media can vary greatly and includes cloth, stone, metal and plastics combined with finishing compounds. The methods of application include wheel abrasion, blasting, tumbling barrels and vibratory finishers. A typical construction of polishing and finishing machine involves a detachable abrasive material attached to a spinner, a motor to rotate the spinner, gearbox and power source. The process takes place when the spinning abrasive material is rubbed against the work piece to give it a finishing touch. The spinning wheel generally spins at 7,500 SFM (Surface feet per minute).

Polishing and finishing machines are available in various formats with different abrasion materials. These machines can reshape and alter the finishing of any material as per the requirements. These machines are used in metal shaping industries, construction and tile manufacturing industries, clothing and shoe manufacturing industries, automotive and also in glass cutting factories. The polishing and finishing machines find a lot of use in industrial applications where aesthetics are of great importance to the end use customers. These kinds of machines come in different sizes and each application has its own requirements. Some are handy while some are hefty. Although the machines are doing well in the market, there is always scope for more improvement. A better polishing and finishing machine that can attribute to more aesthetic looks without altering the physical properties can change the fate of the market to a great extent.

Polishing and Finishing Machines Market: Market Dynamics

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As mentioned before, Polishing and Finishing machines are of immense importance to various end use industries. The principle driver for the market is growing demand for aesthetics in each and every industry. Plus, finishing is a must process in cases where altering of physical properties is required. As polishing gives a shiny finish and glossy appearance to the work piece or end use material, it is always preferred after the finishing operation. This can be stated as a new trend being followed in the market as customers prefer buying items that shine better.

The market for polishing and finishing machines is expected to witness significant growth throughout the forecast period due to emerging leather, clothing, automotive, medical, jewelry, plastic, fiber & glass, furniture and tiles industries. With the introduction of newer technologies in these machines, the market is expected to experience new trends in near future. There is no particular constraints that might hinder market growth. The greatest benefit for these machines is that no substitutes for these machines have been introduced so far.

Polishing and Finishing Machines Market: Segmentation

On the basis of mode of operation, the Global Polishing and Finishing Machines Market can be segmented into: Hand Held Semi-Automatic Automatic

On the basis of applications, the Global Polishing and Finishing Machines Market can be segmented into: Lapping Super-Finishing

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On the basis of the method used, the Global Polishing and Finishing Machines Market can be segmented into: Barrel Finishing Machine Vibratory Finishing Machine Abrasive Blasting

On the basis of abrasive type, the Global Polishing and Finishing Machines Market can be segmented into: Flexible Belt Brush Disc

On the basis of end use industries, the Global Polishing and Finishing Machines Market can be segmented into: Leather Clothing Automotive Medical Jewelry Plastic, Fiber & Glass Furniture Tiles Metal Shaping

Polishing and Finishing Machines Market: Regional Outlook

Polishing and finishing operations are widely employed in every region of the world. The market for these machines is completely diversified and has vast scope across various industries. In APAC, NA and European regions, the market shows significant growth in the automotive, furniture, tiles and glass-cutting operations. MEA and parts of APEJ, such as India, China and Thailand, hold the highest market share in the jewelry industry, thereby contributing to the polishing and finishing machines industry indirectly. Due to the presence of largest glass and ceramic manufacturers, Japan, America and Europe are expected to take the polishing and finishing machines market to newer heights.

Polishing and Finishing Machines Market: Key Players

Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the Polishing and Finishing Machines market are: DeLong Equipment Company Stephen Bader & Co., Inc. Almco – Finishing and Cleaning Systems Abrasives Inc. Brusa & Garboli Srl. Tipton Corp. Vibra Finish Limited PDJ Vibro Ltd MTI Corporation Hanley Wood Media, Inc.

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