What are the Growth Projections for Medical Display Monitor Market in Emerging Countries? | P&S Intelligence

Based on technology, the medical display monitor market is categorized into light emitting diode (LED)-backlit liquid crystal display (LCD), cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL)-backlit LCD, and organic light-emitting diode (OLED). Out of these, in 2017, the LED-backlit LCD category dominated Read more ›

Phenolic Resins Market Regional Revenue, Trends, Opportunities and Future Prospects

Phenolic resins, also known as phenol–formaldehyde resins, are synthetic polymers that are produced from the reaction of phenol or substituted phenol with formaldehyde at high temperatures. These are widely used in wood adhesives, molding compounds, and laminates. The resins are Read more ›

Cement and Concrete Additive Market Analysis, Growth Opportunities and Recent Trends by Leading Manufacturers & Regions

The prominent market trends identified in the global cement and concrete additive market include shifting of population from rural to urban areas, growth in construction activities, and increasing expenditure on research activities for development of improved construction chemicals. The growth Read more ›

Industrial Enzymes Market Survey, Market Size, and Competitive Trends

Macromolecular biological catalysts are popularly known as enzymes. These assist in performing various metabolic activities, which together sustain life in a host. Enzymes are highly selective catalysts that accelerate the speed of metabolic reactions such as digestion of food and Read more ›

Polymer Market Latest Innovations, Drivers, Dynamics, Strategic Analysis and Challenges

Recent trend observed in the global polymer market is increasing demand for polymers in different industries, including building and construction, packaging, consumer goods, electronics and telecommunication, and automotive. These industries are primarily substituting paper, glass, and metals with polymers, owing Read more ›

Flat Steel Market to Grow at a Stable Rate During the Forecast Period

The global flat steel market is expected to witness significant growth, during the forecast period. The global market for flat steel is being driven by wide spread industrial application of steel, rapid industrialization in Asia-Pacific and extensive application of steel Read more ›

Ceramic Textile Market Share, Strategies, Emerging Technologies, Growth Rate Analysis, Trends and Forecast Report

The global ceramic textile market is categorized on the basis of fiber type, end-use industry, foam type, and region. On the basis of fiber type, the global market has been segmented into vitreous alumina-silica ceramic fiber and polycrystalline ceramic fiber. Read more ›

Soft Magnetic Materials Market and its Growth Prospect in the Near Future

The global soft magnetic materials market is expected to witness significant growth, during the forecast period, on account of increasing demand from automotive industry, new product development, and increasing application in motors, transformers and alternators. Additionally, increasing demand from the Read more ›

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Market Regional Revenue, Trends, Opportunities and Future Prospects

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is a type of elastomer with better electrical properties, flame retardancy and chemical stability, and high heat and cold resistivity. These elastomers are used for the production of high quality parts and devices in automotive, medical Read more ›

End-User Base of Adhesive Tapes Growing Across the World

Easily found in homes, adhesive tapes are one of the most common pieces of stationery around; however, their use goes far beyond people’s homes. Adhesive tapes can be categorized into two types: commodity and specialty. During the historical period 2013–2017, Read more ›